Scarborough Teaches Democrats How to Campaign on Obamacare


Now that the Affordable Care Act has cleared its early hurdles, there is renewed interest in whether Democratic candidates will campaign on it in advance of the 2014 midterms, especially as polls see as intensity gap that favors opponents of the law. Both MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough argued Monday morning that they pretty much had to, and Scarborough, a critic of the law, proceeded to demonstrate how he thought it should be done.

“I think Democrats at some point need to say to themselves—they have to start campaigning on health care, even if they lose,” Chuck Todd. “They’re going to lose on health care in 2014. It’s hard to imagine they’re going to change public opinion between now and November. But if you’re ever going to change public opinion, you’re going to have to start campaigning on health care at some point.”

“You’ve got to throw yourself all in,” Scarborough agreed. “If I were a Democrat and supported the president’s health care plan, I would be going ‘8 million, 8 million, 8 million, 8 million, 8 million.’ I would take the predictions of my opponent, and I would show where my opponent was wrong. I would take three or four or five and just hammer it home.”

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“If you’re a Democrat candidate…make Republicans answer the question ‘Do they believe all Americans should have health care?'” Scarborough continued. “If I’m on the campaign trail, campaigning against you, and you start attacking me saying, ‘You don’t want all Americans to have health care. You want to make sure that mothers, at eleven o’clock at night when they have a sick child and they don’t know what’s wrong with their child, have to take their child to the emergency room and sit in the emergency room until two or three or four in the morning just to find out if their child is going to live. That’s your America!’ Suddenly you have Republicans on the campaign trail having to defend themselves.”

“That’s from a guy who’s against the law,” co-host Mika Brzezisnki said. “He can think of a way to spin it. Seriously.”

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