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Scarborough Tears Into GOP Filibuster On Gun Bill: ‘Is Anybody Awake In My Party’?

The gun control debate has again been heating up recently, with a group of Republican senators threatening to filibuster any gun legislation introduced in the Senate. Joe Scarborough didn’t take well to this approach, skewering the GOP for being so resistant on an issue like background checks, which in polling has strong support. Reissuing his criticism from yesterday, Scarborough made it clear he felt his party is on the wrong side of the issue.

With 92 percent of Americans supporting background checks, Scarborough noted “it’s really hard to figure out what the political calculation is.” It’s a 90/10 issue that involves the massacres of 20 children: “Is anybody awake in my party on the Hill?”

In the end, Bloomberg’s Al Hunt said, they will back down on some of their positions and opposition “because I’m not sure they can win.” Gun control has never been an easy issue, he explained, but things will change somewhat “when some suburban Republicans lose in November because of their pro-gun votes.”

Recalling criticism he got for yesterday’s remarks about some of the GOP putting rapists’ rights over parents’ rights, Scarborough acknowledged he was being harsh, but reiterated the same argument about the groups of people getting a “free pass.”

The issue of background checks always leads to opposition citing shredding of the constitution and a national gun registry, he added — but that’s simply not true. If it was, why would the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre have supported the issue in the past?

Take a look, via MSNBC:

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