Scarborough Tells Dems How to Explain Their Obama Votes: ‘Not Hard To Do’

When a Morning Joe panel is right, it’s right, and it was right this morning when it called vulnerable Democratic Senate candidates trying to play dumb on whether they voted for President Barack Obama a fool’s errand.

Moreover, host Joe Scarborough didn’t actually think answering the question was that hard.

“You can make a Democratic argument,” Scarborough said. “Did I vote for him ’08? Yeah! Against John McCain, if I’m if New Hampshire? Darn right! The economy was going off the cliff. We’ve had — whatever the talking point is — 50-plus months of economic growth. Saved the car industry. Gave health care. You can do the list. Now do I agree with him on everything? No, I don’t. But this is not hard to do.”

“Send me back to Washington,” Bloomberg Politics editor Mark Halperin added, “and I’ll make sure the president does this to fix Obamacare. Say what you actually believe. Not that complicated.” Nope.

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

[Image via screengrab]

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