Scarborough to Trump Endorsers: ‘Make Him Back Down’ on the Racism or Lose Everything


As Donald Trump continues to receive pushback for his slams against a judge’s Mexican background, Joe Scarborough is telling GOP politicians to retreat post-haste before the party’s message is consumed by racism.

Morning Joe has been arguably friendly territory to Trump for much of the 2016 election. Nonetheless, Scarborough has been critical of Trump’s racially-charged positions in the past, and the mogul has taken a hostile stance against the show in recent days.

In the midst of the discussion over the Trump-U judge controversy, Scarborough warned the GOP leadership that if they allow Trump to continue to “run roughshod” over the party’s reputation with inadequate condemnation, the party’s future will be ruined if Trump fails to win the presidency.

“You have to start calling him out today. This is not where you can do the slow boil. You have to start calling him out and saying you are going to retract your endorsement of him today… Make him back down on the Muslim ban. Make him back down on this racist comment that he’s made about a man born in Indiana saying he’s incapable of being a fair judge because of where his parents are born, or else you will lose the Senate, you will lose the House, you will lose the presidency, you will lose governorships, you will lose your standing as a national party.”

Indeed, while there have been varying levels of condemnation for the “racist” element, Several GOP higher-ups (including those backing Trump) have expressed concern about him attacking Judge Gonzalo Curiel as a “Mexican.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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