Scarborough: Trump and Cruz Made ‘Inside Deal’ Not To Attack Each Other

Joe ScarboroughMSNBC host Joe Scarborough found it suspicious that Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz didn’t attack each other at all in the CNN debate Tuesday, theorizing that they made a secret pact not to attack each other.

“After the debate, I started thinking, ‘This was an inside deal,’” the Morning Joe host said. “You’ve got Trump and Cruz who were kind of hitting each other, but they see now that they’re locked in first and second place, everybody else is a distance third.”

“Notice everybody on the stage was attacking everybody but the top two guys,” Scarborough continued. “So Trump goes after Jeb [Bush], Cruz goes after [Marco] Rubio— the establishment’s favorite candidates– and they refuse to touch each other.”

“It smacked of an inside deal,” he concluded. “If this maintains the status quo, neither Jeb or Rubio catches them. It’s a smart political move, and they made it; they either made a direct or indirect deal.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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