Scarborough: U.S. ‘Too Exhausted’ by War to Stop Iran’s Nuclear Program


On Morning Joe Thursday morning, host Joe Scarborough argued that the toll of twelve years of war would prevent the United States from acting against Iran, allowing them to develop nuclear weapons because America did not have the willpower left over to stop them.

“I was against the number of troops in Afghanistan,” Scarborough said. “I was against Bosnia. I was against Kosovo. I was even against the surge at the time it happened, because I thought we’d given Bush enough rope, and he had not done well with it.”

“But here we have a case where what we’re doing in Syria—and Bill Clinton talked about this—is going to have an impact on the leaders of Iran,” Scarborough continued. “It’s not like they are on opposite ends of the globe. They are allies. They couldn’t be closer allies. One of them’s playing with chemical weapons, the other’s playing with nuclear weapons. The one that’s playing with nuclear weapons has been at the epicenter of international terrorism since 1979.”

“So now I think that perhaps the greatest legacy, the worst legacy, of Iraq may be that when the time came for us to stand up and draw the red line in the sand, we were too exhausted to do it. History may show it’s why Iran, the most unstable, the greatest terror state over the past thirty years—it may be how they get their nuclear weapon.”

Watch the full segment below, via MSNBC:

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