Scarface Actor Steven Bauer Tells TMZ There’s a Civil War Brewing in Loony Rant: ‘Gonna Be Some Casualties’


Star of the 1983 flick Scarface Steven Bauer is weighing in on the political climate and warning of a looming battle pitting American against fellow American.

The Cuban-American actor, who more recently played Don Eladio Vuente in Breaking Bad, had some frightening thoughts about the future of the nation.

“There are politicians who are irresponsibly calling for the harassment of anybody who feels different, thinks differently than they do. So they are calling for violence,” Bauer opined, according to an on the street interview played on TMZ Live.

He continued on: “And what this is gonna lead to is there’s gonna be some casualties in that. And its the beginning of a Civil War between Americans.”

Bauer did not specify where he got his information about a possible civil war but on July 1, right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones predicted a left-led Civil War that would break out on the 4th of July.

(In fairness, there was the one, unarmed, Michelle Obama admiring protester who scaled the Statue of Liberty and a group of social media warriors who spent a few minutes on the 4th mocking Jones. )

As Harvey Levin and Charles Latibeaudiere also noted, the politician Bauer was likely referring to was likely Maxine Waters, who controversially called on supporters to continue to harass Trump cabinet members, comments that got a lot of play, especially in conservative circles.

As Levin pointed out, Waters “did not say violence.”

Watch above, via TMZ Live.

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