Schieffer Grills Obama’s Chief Of Staff About $60 Million Africa Trip: ‘Worth It In Time Of Sequestration?’

Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer asked White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough Sunday morning if President Obama’s $60-100 million proposed trip to Africa was “worth it in a time of sequestration, when we’ve got people in various government agencies working four days a week, taking a twenty percent cut in pay?”

“The Washington Post also said that price tag was fully consistent with the cost we’ve paid for similar trips in the past,” McDonough said, before pointing out that Africa was a center of investment and economic growth. “It’s very important for the President of the United States, as the Commander in Chief, and as the representative of this government and the American people, to be able to travel to carry out our foreign policy.”

“Is it right that we should just let the sequester sit in place?” McDonough continued. “Absolutely not. That’s why we have aggressively been reaching out to Republicans and Democrats to underscore the though choices that this president is willing to take to underscore long term investments to return growth and opportunity to middle America.”

“If Congress won’t work with us on the budget to invest in middle class families, we’ll find ways to do it because it’s just too vitally important,” McDonough said.

Schieffer ended the interview there, without returning to the initial queston about the trip.

Watch the segment here, via CBS News:

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