Schiff: People Like Bolton Will ‘Have to Answer One Day’ Why They Saved What They Knew for a Book

House Intel Committee chairman Adam Schiff said today he’s not completely shutting the door on potential additional testimonies in the impeachment investigation, and swiped at one of the people with relevant information who hasn’t testified.

Chuck Todd first asked him about him saying they don’t need to hear from the whistleblower, saying, “You did pledge the intelligence committee would hear from the whistleblower in some form or another.”

Schiff said since those comments, they’ve been able to prove everything the whistleblower has said, and additionally “the president and his allies effectively put that whistleblower’s life in danger.”

Todd also brought up the House Democrats not fighting in the courts to get John Bolton to testify, despite what Bolton’s lawyer has hinted about relevant information he possesses.

“People like John Bolton, whose deputies had the courage to come in and testify, are going to have to answer one day why they saved what they knew for a book rather than tell the country when the country needed to know,” Schiff said. “But I do think that when it comes to documents and witnesses, that if it comes to a trial, and again we’re getting far down the road here, that the chief justice will have to make a decision on requests for witnesses and documents.”

You can watch above, via NBC.

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