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Schiff Says Trump Lawyers Attacking Democrats to Avoid President’s ‘Guilt’ and ‘Ass-Backwards’ Process

With the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump underway Tuesday, both White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow decried the House impeachment process and blasted the Democrats, including key leaders like Adam Schiff.

Schiff, one of the House impeachment managers, responded to some of the points they raised in his remarks.

He called out Cipollone in particular for “the representation that Republicans were not even allowed in the depositions conducted in the House.”

“Now, I’m not going to suggest to you that Mr. Cipollone would deliberately make a false statement. I will leave it to Mr. Cipollone to make those allegations against others,” Schiff said. “But I will tell you this. He’s mistaken. He’s mistaken. Every Republican on the three investigative committees was allowed to participate in the depositions. An more than that, they got the same time we did!”

He also said the swipes against him and others Democrats are attempts to distract:

“When you hear them attack the House managers, what you’re really hearing is, ‘We don’t want to talk about the president’s guilt. We don’t want to talk about the McConnell resolution and how patently unfair it is. We don’t want to talk about how — to pardon the expression — ass-backwards it is to have a trial and then ask for witnesses. And so we’ll attack the House managers because maybe we can distract you for a moment from what’s before you. Maybe if we attack the house managers, you’ll think about them instead of thinking about the guilt of the president.’ So you’ll hear more of that. Every time you do, every time you hear them attacking the House managers, I want you to ask yourselves: away from what issue are they trying to distract me? What is the issue that came up before this? What are they trying to deflect my attention from? Why don’t they have a better argument to make on the merits?”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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