Schumer Knocks Muted GOP Responses to Trump: Stop Being Afraid of What He ‘Might Tweet About You’


Senator Chuck Schumer swiped at Republican colleagues for not forcefully condemning the treatment of protesters outside the White House Monday night.

Schumer announced a resolution condemning the president over the events in Lafayette Park Monday night. It reads that Congress “condemns the President of the United States for ordering Federal officers to use gas and rubber bullets against the Americans who were peaceably protesting in Lafayette Square.”

After protesters were cleared out of the park, the president walked out of the White House and across the park to St. John’s Church for a photo op holding a Bible in front of the church, where rioters started a fire the previous night.

Schumer today said that Mitch McConnell is doing everything he can to avoid Trump “fir[ing] off a mean tweet in his direction.”

Some Republicans have criticized the president for last night’s photo op — including Ben Sasse and Lisa Murkowski — but the reaction has mostly been muted.

Schumer brought up the resolution again as he spoke and said, “I know that the overwhelming majority of Americans agree with us.”

“Senate Republicans should stand with us, stand with the American people, stand with the Constitution, stand with unifying us, not dividing us. They should support our resolution. I say to Senate Republicans: stop being afraid of what President Trump might tweet about you and support our resolution,” he concluded.

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