Schumer on MSNBC: GOP ‘Learned a Lesson Here,’ Ted Cruz and Tea Party Have ‘Peaked’

Much of the media coverage of the shutdown aftermath had, essentially, the same narrative: conservatives lost big, and they lost hard. Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer joined the pile-on Thursday morning on Morning Joe, saying that Ted Cruz and the tea party have “peaked” at this point.

Joe Scarborough joked that he was “angry” how a number of senators managed to squeeze pork into the compromise deal but Schumer couldn’t get some money to fix JFK and LaGuardia. He brought up the kind words Schumer had for Mitch McConnell and asked, “Are you trying to get this guy primaried?”

Schumer said McConnell’s actions were a “profile in courage,” and said now that the shutdown’s over, predicted it would be a turning point for the country.

“I think the tea party and Ted Cruz have peaked. First, they have so alienated their colleagues, but second, the tactics of the tea party––I’m gonna hurt a lot of innocent people unless I get my way––this is the first time it was in the spotlight, that the American people saw it, they didn’t like it. The Republican party has learned a lesson here.”

Schumer saw a “more mainstream conservative Republican party” on the horizon, adding that it’s doubtful this “same kind of brinksmanship” will happen next time.

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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