Schumer on Trump’s Meeting Blowup: He Was ‘Incapable’ of Discussing Infrastructure and Looked For a Way Out


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer appeared on Morning Joe Thursday morning and elaborated on his view that President Donald Trump intended to blow up their infrastructure meeting in an act of political theater.

After Trump canceled the meeting yesterday and said he’d never work with Democrats again as long as he’s being investigated, Schumer held a press conference where he said it was obvious what the president intended to do from the moment he and Nancy Pelosi arrived at the White House. Today, Schumer described Trump as an “erratic, Helter-Skelter, get-nothing-done president” who “doesn’t have real accomplishments” and “concocted a temper tantrum” to get out of a deal on infrastructure.

“We want to do [infrastructure] and he’s incapable of it,” Schumer said. “What happened yesterday – in my judgment – is that they were so ill-prepared and afraid to say how they would pay for infrastructure that they looked for a way to back out.”

As Schumer warned that Trump won’t be re-elected if he cannot get things done for America, Joe Scarborough asked him if he can ever really trust Trump to sit down with him in good faith and negotiate an infrastructure package. Schumer answered that he and Pelosi had to persist even though they were prepared to be disappointed with yesterday’s meeting, and he ribbed Trump by suggesting the real “cover-up” is “they can’t get anything done.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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