Score! Rachel Maddow Nabs First Interview With US Soccer Star Landon Donovan

Earlier today Landon Donovan pretty much cemented his status as the greatest soccer player in U.S. history with an extra-time goal that advanced the U.S. soccer team to the next round of the World Cup. Donovan’s last second heroics captivated a nation (or at least a growing part of it) for what some have already labeled the “Miracle on Grass.” Tonight, Rachel Maddow aired the first non-sports television interview with Donovan, conducted by Maddow regular Kent Jones.

Maddow presented the segment as a celebration of “good news” during a time that the nation really needed it, then handed the interview off to “huge soccer dork” Jones (who did more to remind of us of how great Maddow is at her job than impress with his own broadcasting skills.) So Jones interview with Donovan was a little flat and fanboy-ish — but who cares? The decision to try to book Donovan after his game winning goal was a victory in of itself, and yet another example of why the producers of The Rachel Maddow Show are really good at their jobs.

As Maddow summed up the segment by quoting Justice Earl Warren who said “the sports pages records people’s accomplishments. The front pages records people’s failures.” Maddow concluded by adding, “today we needed the sports.” Indeed! (After you watch the following interview, do not yourself the joy of watching Donovan’s winning goal.)

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