Scott Baio Appears on GMA With ‘Proof’ Molestation Allegations by Co-Star Are False


Actor Scott Baio, who was accused of molesting his co-star while the pair acted on hit 1980s sitcom Charles in Charge, appeared on Good Morning America to defend himself against the allegations.

Nicole Eggert recently claimed that Baio repeatedly molested and sexually harassed her throughout her teenaged years, starting when she was 14-years-old.

Baio claimed on GMA that he had “proof” the allegations are unfounded: the proof, he said, was an old interview Eggert did in which she claimed their sexual encounters occurred after Charles in Charge ended, when she was an adult.

ABC News’s Amy Robach pointed out that Eggert now says she lied in that interview to protect the show, and that the abuse actually happened during the show.

“I’m trying to figure out which time she’s lying and which time she’s not lying, because the story seems to change quite a bit,” Baio said.

“What happened with you and Nicole when she was 14, 15, 16?” Robach asked.

“Absolutely nothing,” Baio replied, reiterating that Eggert has changed her story.

At the end of his GMA interview, Baio got emotional when invoking his wife and daughter to explain how the allegations have harmed his family.

“I have a 10-year-old daughter. My 10-year-old daughter does not need to be hearing about this from friends at school, these false allegations. Her job is not to defend me. My job is to defend my daughter, her job is to be 10-years-old. So that’s why this has got to stop.”

After making her allegations, Eggert appeared on Megyn Kelly Today to describe her experience with Baio. She claimed that the actor molested her in his garage when she was 14-years-old.

“That is when the sexual touching and abuse started,” she said, claiming that Baio ensured her silence by threatened her job security, as the sexual abuse continued almost “every week.”

Watch Baio’s defense above, via ABC.

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