Scott Brown Talks To Fox About Boston Bombings: ‘I’m Mad,’ ‘We Need To Fight Back’

Speaking with Fox News’ Special Report this evening, former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown expressed anger and shock over the Monday afternoon bombings that rocked his state’s capital of Boston. “I’m mad,” he told host Bret Baier. “It’s cowardly for the perpetrator or perpetrators to have facilitated this type of terrorism” on a celebratory holiday of Patriots’ Day.

After explaining that he has personal relationships with many of the local reporters now dispatched to the scene of the explosions, Brown said that “It’s a new world and this was cowardly and we need to fight back and stand strong as Americans first.”

The former senator also offered praise for the president’s address, saying he “acted thoughtfully and judiciously.”
thank you.

Watch the interview below, via Fox:

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