Scott Brown Warns Against GOP In-Fighting: Don’t ‘Oust or Work Against Good Republicans’

Former Republican senator and current Fox News contributor Scott Brown guest-hosted The O’Reilly Factor on Friday, and during the opening segment he delivered a message for his party: stop fighting each other. Brown said it’s not good form for the GOP to have all these big fights between hardcore conservatives and moderates, and called for a more politically inclusive Republican party.

Brown noted how Ronald Reagan worked together with Democrats when he was in power, and questioned whether this would earn him the RINO label today. He railed against the “personal and political attacks between the factions of the party,” specifically citing conservative backlash against New Jersey governor Chris Christie for the simple act of hugging the president during hurricane relief efforts.

Christie was not invited to CPAC. Brown told the GOP they shouldn’t be trying to “oust or work against good Republicans like Christie,” who has managed to be an incredibly popular Republican governor in a solid blue state. Brown said all Republicans have the same core small-government beliefs, asking, “Is there not room for Republicans that don’t all think, act, and vote the same way?”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:


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