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Scott Walker Backs Off Criticism Of Romney In Fox & Friends Interview

Wisconsin’s Republican Gov. Scott Walker appeared on Fox & Friends on Monday where he was asked about his recent criticisms of Mitt Romney‘s campaign for being overly cautious in outlining a vision of reform. Walker was repeatedly asked if he still felt that the Romney campaign was playing it too safe in either outlining a plan for reform or criticizing President Barack Obama’s record, but Walker refused to offer the same unqualified criticism of Romney’s campaign as he had in the past.

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Walker has been vocal about his concerns that the Romney campaign is playing it too safe. When co-host Gretchen Carlson asked Walker to elaborate on his criticisms of Romney, Walker outlined the Republican case against President Obama and said that those are issues on which Romney should focus. He did not, however, criticize Romney’s campaign as he had previously.

“I think Governor Romney – when I see him in person does a good job,” said Walker. Walker said that Romney makes a good case on the stump and should do more of that.

“Some people would say that you are more—less, sort of, a safe politician,” said Carlson. “Is that what you’re getting at?”

“The more Governor Romney comes into our state and talks about his agenda – which I think is a bold agenda to turn the economy around and get our fiscal house in order – the better off he is,” said Walker. “The more time we hear from Governor Romney, the better off we’re going to be because he’s got a great message.”

Watch the segment via Fox News Channel:

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