Scott Walker Redefines ‘Flip Flop’ So It Doesn’t Apply to Him

walkerA nice catch by Matt Lewis: Wisconsin Governor and 2016 hopeful Scott Walker (R) redefined “flip flop” on Bret Baier’s show yesterday so that it didn’t apply to his changing position on immigration.

Walker has been accused of altering his views on immigration policy, and perhaps changing them back, and changing them again*. When Baier asked him how potential voters could trust him given his fast feet, Walker said the shift didn’t actually count because he’d never been in a position to influence immigration policy.

“There’s not a flip out there,” Walker said. “A flip would be someone who voted on something and did something different. I don’t have any impact on immigration as a governor or former county official.”

As Lewis points out, “This new rule would seem to entrap his opponents who are in the U.S. Senate, while largely granting him a get-out-of-jail-free card on a large number of issues.”

* FWIW, smart minds believe Walker’s policy has stayed relatively consistent beneath situation-dependent rhetoric. Your call.

Watch the clip below, via YouTube:

[h/t Matt Lewis]

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