Sean Hannity, 2019: ‘Hillary Clinton’s Email Server Is a Real Threat to Our Safety and Security’


You’ll forgive us seasoned cable news watchers for, on occasion, momentarily being tricked into thinking that first-run episodes of Hannity are actually repeats. After all, one can only see Dan Bongino, Sebastian Gorka, or Gregg Jarrett raging about the same topic so many times before thinking that they’re watching a rerun.

But following Monday night’s edition, we had to double-check the DVR. Because on April 22, 2019, four days after the release of the Mueller Report, Sean Hannity actually referred to the email server of Hillary Clinton — yes, Hillary Clinton — as a current “threat to our safety and security.”

This happened. Seriously.

As part of a lengthy opening monologue, the Fox News host railed against hacking — claiming that Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) warned former President Barack Obama in 2014 about election meddling in 2016.

“We should all — all of us — be concerned about the integrity of our elections, and the fact that this government’s been hacked repeatedly for decades by hostile regimes,” Hannity said.

And, he added, “That’s why Hillary Clinton’s email server is a real threat to our safety and security. And we do believe that that place was hacked by at least six foreign entities.”

“This was all weaponized in the press, inside the deep state, to bludgeon Donald Trump,” Hannity said. “Now behind the curtain, we got lies. So it’s time to investigate the investigators. That means Hillary Clinton, and the fact that that investigation was rigged, then they tried to rig a presidential election, then they tried to undo a duly elected president. And the media was all the way there.”

Against our better judgment — given that her inbox is a clear and present threat to national security — we have sent Hillary Clinton an email seeking comment.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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