Sean Hannity And Ed Schultz Locked In Feud Over Osama bin Laden

After watching Sean Hannity‘s show on Fox News Tuesday night (or, more likely, reading Zeke Miller on BuzzFeed), MSNBC’s Ed Schultz took to his blog and accused Hannity of uttering, “the most deranged comment about President Obama ever uttered on the ‘Fair and Balanced’ network.” His crime? Hannity said that Osama bin Laden wouldn’t be dead if President Obama had his way. “And I think,” Hannity added, “that can be proven as well on tapes.”


Schultz then fired off a missive to Hannity on Twitter, challenging his rival host to, “show his ‘tape’ proving the President didn’t want Bin Laden dead,” followed by the extra-long hashtag “#obamaderangementsyndrome.” Hannity responded by repeating the hashtag, then saying that, “even u can figure this out, he did NOT support gitmo, EIT, Rendition, without which no Bin laden.” He later accused Schultz of being desperate and in need of attention.

Schultz, however, may just be smart. It’s not the first time that he has gone after his competitors. But today, after kicking up a bunch of dust by attacking an anchor on a rival network — and getting Hannity to respond for all of his 242,000 Twitter followers to see (Schultz has about 37,000 followers) — he artfully noted (twice) that he will address this issue at 8 p.m., on The Ed Show.

And that, no matter what you think of Schultz, is what one calls “sticking the landing.”

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