Sean Hannity: Assange and Wikileaks Have Better Track Record Than ‘The Fake News Media Mob’


Sean Hannity Thursday night offered a defense of Julian Assange by comparing his track record to the “fake news media.”

Hannity noted the mixed responses to Assange’s arrest and how Assange himself says he was “acting as a journalist.”

“As a matter of fact, if you look at Wikileaks’ record,” Hannity said, “they’ve never printed a single thing proven untrue in like 12 years. Not one. Whether you like their work or you don’t. That’s a much better track record than the fake news media mob right here in America that’s been doing nothing but lying and peddling you conspiracy theories for 2 1/2 years.”

He brought up the interview he conducted with Assange in 2017 in which Assange denied that their source was not the Russian government.

In the case of both Assange and Chelsea Manning, Hannity said it “all happened on Obama’s watch, not Donald Trump’s watch” before continuing:

“Now we as a country have a decision to make. When will our federal government… when will we ramp up efforts to stop hackers from accessing our sensitive materials that impact our security in this country? In other words, when is the government going to get serious about cybersecurity threats that we face every day? Because this is now been going on for decades. At what point does it become not shame on you, shame on you, what about shame on us for not fixing a serious significant problem in what is the digital age? Our government has not ever built cybersecurity that makes our national security invulnerable. It’s vulnerable and needs to be fixed.”

He added, “It’s why Clinton’s private server with top secret and classified information on it was and is a national security threat. By the way, also a felony.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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