Sean Hannity Chokes Up While Speaking to Vegas Survivors: ‘Unfathomable to Me’


Broadcasting live from Las Vegas, Sean Hannity sat down with three survivors from Sunday’s massacre — including a widower whose wife of 32 years died in his arms.

Tony Burditus told the Fox News host that he “wants the world to know [his wife] Denise” and complimented “her beautiful smile” and how she was “a great person.” He also shared how she loved her four grandchildren and how there was another one on the way.

After initially dismissing what he didn’t think were gunshots, Tony and Denise began to run. Tony held his wife’s hand as she was running behind him — but Denise struck in the head by a bullet.

“It’s unfathomable to me,” Hannity reacted.

When asked about how his family was coping, Burditus told Hannity that they’ve “had their ups and downs,” but “they’re supporting one another.”

“I’m so sorry,” Hannity told Burditis. “I’m so sorry for all you’re going through and everything you’ve been through.”

The Fox News host also spoke with two other survivors; Cassidy Huff — a young cancer survivor who had just finished another round of chemotherapy — and her mother, Kelly Huff.

“It was like a bad dream where you can’t — you want to run so fast but you can’t because my legs wouldn’t let me,” Huff said.

She confirmed to Hannity that her prognosis is “pretty good” and that her scans are “clean.”

Her mother told Hannity that after her daughter had collapsed, an off-duty police officer carried her to safety.

Before wrapping up the interview, Hannity told the Huffs and Burditus that they’re in his prayers and his eyes began to swell just as the show went to commercial.

Watch the emotions clip above, via Fox News.


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