Sean Hannity Declares Journalism Dead: Now It is ‘Guilt by Accusation’

Fox News’ Sean Hannity insisted that it is no longer innocent until proven guilty.

In today’s world, he told Watters’ World host Jesse Watters, it is guilt “by accusation.”

During an interview where he boasted about his investigative bona fides and talked about how he repeatedly got things right when others did not, Hannity warned Watters that when you get too big, critics will want to silence you.

“They are gonna want to crush you, they want to silence every voice they don’t like and agree with,” Hannity said. “Tucker [Carlson], Laura [Ingraham], me, we’ve all…Rush [Limbaugh], [Glenn] Beck, Mark [Levin], [Bill] O’Reilly you name it… your voice becomes powerful they want to silence you.”

Watters then quipped that the critics will give him the benefit of the doubt.

“No,” Hannity replied.

“Not innocent until proven guilty?” Watters asked.

“No…guilt by accusation, actually,” Hannity said, before noting it wasn’t about the issue anymore but “politics.”

Then, after Watters insisted that the media does not hold Democrats accountable like they do Democrats because “they’re all in the same side,” Hannity offered this not about the state of journalism.

“Journalism is dead,” he said.  “I said it in 2007.”

Watch above, via Fox News

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