Sean Hannity Defends Trump’s ‘Draft Dodging’: ‘There Is a Legitimate Medical Condition!’


Fox News host Sean Hannity has taken it upon himself to be one of President Donald Trump’s biggest defenders in the media. So last night’s exchange with a guest over Trump’s lack of service during the Vietnam War was par for the course.

During a panel discussion on free speech, Jessica Tarlov pushed back when fellow panelist Tomi Lahren observed that “social justice warriors” protest conservative speakers on college campuses because they think they are doing the country a service. “They probably wouldn’t serve the actual service overseas,” Lahren added.

“When you have a draft dodging president right now that you fully support please don’t bring up the serving overseas issue,” Tarlov shot back, referring to Trump’s numerous deferments during the 1960s.

After Hannity asked what she was talking about, Tarlov brought up the bone spur issue that was the medical reason given by Trump to avoid serving in the military.

“There is a legitimate medical condition,” the Fox News star exclaimed.

“Stop,” Hannity shouted when Tarlov tried to interject. “Do you know it’s not legitimate? Do you know anything about his medical condition? No. So let’s not speculate.”

This wasn’t the only bit of sparring Hannity was involved in last night. Former Trump advisor Roger Stone called him and ex-Fox News co-president Bill Shine out on Twitter, claiming he was blocked from Fox News because he prevented Hannity from becoming Trump’s chief of staff.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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