Sean Hannity Grills Gloria Allred Over Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Claim

Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred visited the set of Sean Hannity‘s Fox News program to discuss her client Sharon Bialek‘s much-publicized sexual assault allegations against Herman Cain.

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Hannity began by asking Allred whether the possibility of a book deal in the future means her client stands to make rather motivating money off her allegations. “I’ve spoken with her,” Allred responded. “There is no financial motive.” She drove her point home by telling Hannity to “take the book deal off the table; it’s not happening.”

The two eventually became embroiled in an argument over the specifics of Bialek’s account of what happened in or beside or adjacent to a car. Hannity later asked Allred why she didn’t let lay the entire story of what allegedly happened between Cain and her client out on the table instead of essentially teasing that there is “more to come.”

Allred’s response: “Don’t you like surprises, Sean?”

“This is someone’s life!” Hannity argued. “And what about these women?” Allred responded.

“An employer,” she later added, “never admits sexual harassment.” And what’s more, “an employer never admits anything in a settlement agreement.” She also called Cain’s previous claim that he had been merely comparing his first accuser’s height against that of his wife, “preposterous” and a demonstration of “disdain for the common sense of the American public.”

Watch their exchange, via Fox News:

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