Hannity Interviews Newly Discovered Obama Family Member On Health Care

Sean Hannity interviewed Barack Obama‘s second cousin, once removed, who has never met the President. Milton Wolf is a radiologist in Kansas who has recently come out of the woodwork to discuss his (tenuous) family expertise on Obamacare. Guess who’s not a fan of the health reform bill?!

And in case you’re wondering what side of the family Wolf comes from, here’s the exact genealogy:

President Obama’s great-great grandfather, Thomas Creekmore McCurry, is Dr. Wolf’s great-grandfather. Dr. Wolf’s mother, Anna Margaret McCurry, was five years older than Mr. Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. The two were childhood friends until the Dunhams moved from Kansas to Seattle in 1955.

If you were at the inauguration or have ever been to Hawaii, chances are Sean Hannity would like to interview you, as you are probably just as closely related to Obama as Wolf is.

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