Sean Hannity Mocks Bernie Sanders’ Crowd-Control Barrier: ‘Why’s the Fence Up Bernie?’


Guys. Bernie Sanders used crowd-control barriers and Sean Hannity is ON IT!

In a ‘Hannity Watch” segment which was introduced as an investigation into 2020 candidates, the top-rated Fox News primetime host noted how Sanders had the temerity to used crowd control barriers during a weekend campaign announcement event at Brooklyn College.

Sanders, an Independent senator from Vermont, has been a vocal opponent to President Donald Trump’s evolving demands for a border wall, and in the eyes of Mr. Hannity, his campaign’s use of a crowd-control barrier or “fence” is a terrific example of Sanders’ hypocrisy.

Hannity’s logic here is that, since a 2,000 mile long and 30-foot concrete wall that Trump initially pitched to his “build that wall” adoring supporters — which would ostensibly need non-stop maintenance and monitoring that would come as a great expense to the Federal government, is very similar to a crowd-restraining metal stanchion, Sanders deserves to be pointed and laughed at. Because a fence is just like a border wall, amirite?!

Sanders voted against Trump’s desired border wall and has been a vocal opponent of the White House plan for southern border security. But Hannity’s top team of investigative journalist correctly identified a crowd-control metal barrier, and as such Sanders deserves mockery for this apparent hypocrisy. Feel the sick burn!

The Fox News host is at least partly right that this segment would lead to ridicule…he just appeared to get wrong who would be the object of derision.

Watch above via Fox News.

(H/T Andrew Lawrence)

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