Sean Hannity Mocks CNN’s NYE Coverage: Most Trusted Name in News? They Are!… ‘For Potheads’


On Tuesday night, Sean Hannity had some fun at the expense of CNN for their New Years Eve coverage.

CNN raised a lot of eyebrows when correspondent Randi Kaye was reporting live from a party in Denver, Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal. And let’s just say the festivities were “lit.”

Well, before wrapping up his first show of 2018, Hannity ended it on a rather “high” note.

Before revealing the “Video of the Day,” the Fox News host teased it before going to a commercial break.

“Is CNN really the most trusted name in news?” Hannity asked. “They actually are… for potheads.”

At the end of his show, he continued to mock the “Cannabis Fake News Network.” He then played a few clips from their New Years special.

“It makes you wonder, by the way, how low––well no, actually how high CNN will try and boost their ratings,” Hannity joked.

The mockery continued while Hannity handed over the live the broadcast to his colleague Laura Ingraham.

“In all your years in media, did you ever light a bong for somebody in a report?” Hannity asked Ingraham.

She said she hasn’t, but did say that’s “the only way” CNN could get her to watch one of their broadcasts.

“I think it’s better to have them on the canna-bus than to see Kathy Griffin flashing Anderson Cooper, okay?” Ingraham added.

“You can’t make this crap up!” he reacted. “I’m telling ya––you just can’t!”

Watch the clips above, via Fox News.


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