Sean Hannity Reveals How He Avoids Cocktail-Fueled Twitter Spats With Brian Stelter and Jimmy Kimmel


Sean Hannity revealed his social media strategy during a Monday night toss to 10 PM host Laura Ingraham, giving insight into a recent political tweet that raised eyebrows, and also connected deeply to those who occasionally engage on Twitter after a libation or two.

On Monday Hannity’s Twitter account criticized Georgia Governor Brian Kemp over his appointment of Kelly Loeffler, asking his Twitter followers to call the governor to complain. Hannity tweeted:

Many reasonably saw this as the most egregious example of crossing over from opinion-analyst media personality to that of an activist. And this was the subtext of the light conversation between Hannity and Ingraham Monday night.

As Ingraham brought up the limits and challenges of social media, Hannity came clean.

“Can I just tell you? I gave it up to my staff. I don’t even have access to any of it,” Hannity revealed, adding that anything he posts, he “has to ask the permission of his staff.”

He then explained that, before handing over his social media keys he would “stay up late, have a couple of cocktails, its three in the morning, I’m an insomniac…oh, let me start a fight with Humpty Dumpty or Jimmy Kimmel.” “Humpty Dumpty” is Hannity’s derisive nickname for CNN’s Brian Stelter, who is a frequent critic of Sean Hannity.

Since this is a post about an individual criticized for crossing the line from analysis to advocation, I will do the same here.

Kudos to Sean Hannity for this explanation! Who among us has not awoken feeling deep regret after an evening of alcohol-fueled bravado on social media? If we all had the means for a team of editors to vet all the crap we believe to be an insightful and trenchant commentary on Twitter? What a better world in which we’d find ourselves.

On the other hand? The “Humpty Dumpty” term is beneath you Mr. Hannity and belies your well-earned reputation as a gentleman. There are more effective ways to debate an ideological foe than reducing them down to a cartoon character. #BeBetter.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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