Sean Hannity Will Lower Taxes By Ending “All Entitlements”

Sean Hannity‘s incorrigible conservatism was out in full display again last night on his Great American panel, where Democratic strategist Jacques Degraff, apparently frustrated with only hearing Hannity complain about high taxes, asked him what programs, specifically, he would cut in order to reduce takes. He gave Degraff a Palinesque response: “Everything, across the board.”

The tax conversation came up in the context of new taxes on tanning salons meant to cushion tax hikes in other areas of the market. Hannity and conservative panelist Jedediah Bila agreed that the tax was not in order, but then Degraff suggested that the only way to prevent tax increases is to cut spending. On what would the spending be cut? “Everything, across the board,” Hannity answered. Lest this sound too much like a call to anarchy, he quickly added, “I would end entitlements,” but did not define exactly what he considered to be an “entitlement” and what he considered a necessary state institution.

He followed that up by Vice President Joe Biden a “cheapskate”– unless he was spending other people’s money.

Watch the clip below:

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