Sean Hannity’s Surreal Interview With ‘The Rent Is Too Damn High’ Guy

Former New York candidate for Governor Jimmy McMillan appeared with Sean Hannity to announce he is now a Republican and that he is running for the Republican nomination against President Obama. Fellow Fox News host Bill O’Reilly might want to change his prediction, because with McMillan’s new slogan “The Deficit Is Too Damn High,” might Obama need to start worrying?

Given that most of the conversation reveals McMillan doesn’t offer much beyond repeating a few slogans (including this new gem: “Hannity Is Too Damn Smart!”), it seems like Obama doesn’t need to worry about this candidate. Near the end, McMillan vows to “whip” Obama like his son, to “pat him on the behind,” and to send him back to his room to go to sleep. And by far the funniest moment is McMillan’s interaction with Greta Van Susteren at the very end. Greta attempts to promote what is coming up next on her show and McMillan interrupts with “Greta been dodging me” and suggesting she won’t have him as a guest on her show. McMillan concludes, “she sounds just like Obama . . . she’s running from me!”

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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