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Sean Penn Summarizes Anti-Obama Tea Party Sentiment: ‘Can We Just Lynch Him?’

As Occupy Wall Street gains momentum as a global protest movement, many famous faces of the 1% have come out in support of their demands, and, while certainly in more timid fashion than Michael Moore or Russell Simmons, last night actor Sean Penn applauded their efforts in an interview with Piers Morgan— but it was his comments on another movement, the Tea Party, that raised some eyebrows, as he declared he could only see the Tea Party’s goal as, at its core, wanting to “lynch” the President.

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Asked by Morgan about the protests, he approved and called them an expression of lack of fear. Then he turned and discussed the need for infrastructure in America– that “when you follow a human spirit,” things like the Hoover Dam and roads are essential. This he highlighted with the experience of watching older Mexican couples cross the border to find drugs. He then tied the infrastructure to the demands of people on the right. The Tea Party, small government sentiment, Penn told Morgan, was little more than a “distraction. Calling the Tea Party the “get the n-word out of the White House party,” he argued that their only political goal had nothing to do with any policy initiatives: “at the end of the day,” he explained, “there’s a big bubble coming out of their head saying, ‘you know, can we just lynch him?'”

The segment via CNN below:

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