Sean Spicer Denies CIA ‘Black Site’ Memo Reports: ‘It Is Not a White House Document’


White House press secretary Sean Spicer denied Wednesday that a draft document reported on by The New York TimesThe Washington Post and others that would open the door for bringing back CIA “black sites” was actually a White House document.

The draft executive order would have ordered a review into the practice of hosting detainees in secret prisons abroad, which was ended by the Obama administration. But when asked about it by The Washington Times‘ Dave Boyer at a press briefing, Spicer denied that it had actually come from the White House.

“It is not a White House document. I would urge those who have reported on it– this is now I think the second day that we’ve had a document that was not a White House document get reported on as a factual document,” he said.

When NBC’s Kristen Welker later asked if Trump had seen the document regardless of its origins, Spicer said he hadn’t “to the best of my knowledge.”

He then became irate over the line of questioning. “This is the second day in a row we’re getting asked about documents that are floating around, and people saying — frankly, reports being published attributing documents to the White House that are not White House documents,” he said.

When Welker asked if Trump would support reopening CIA black sites, Spicer became more frustrated and cut the discussion short. “I’m not going to start answering hypotheticals about documents that are floating around. That’s a ridiculous — Kristen, we’re going to end this right now,” he said, calling on a different reporter.

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