Sean Spicer Dismisses Polling That Public Wants Impeachment Witnesses: ‘A Lot of Things People Would Like’

Ex-White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer dismissed polling citing that more than half of Americans would like to see witnesses in a trial for Donald Trump in the Senate.

“Can I ask you a quick question? I’m curious because you’ve seen some recent polling that shows that north of 70% of Americans regardless of political party want to see witnesses in the Senate trial, they want to hear from some people,” Harris Faulkner noted on Outnumbered Friday.

“OK … unfortunately, there’s a lot of things people would like but we ran the House — the House ran their process the way they do, they called the witnesses, the Republicans weren’t afforded — I’m sure there are 70% of people,” Spicer responded. “I get that people want certain things … the precedent is that the Senate doesn’t have witnesses.”

“I don’t see it as an impasse, the Senate is controlled by the Republicans, Mitch McConnell can decide how he wants to run at the same way Nancy Pelosi ran the House,” he continued, saying the articles of impeachment haven’t even been sent over to the Senate.

“It’s not the Senate’s job to do with the House failed to do,” Katie Pavlich said.

“Nancy Pelosi is going to send the articles to the Senate, she just wants some rules in place,” Marie Harf rejoined.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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