Sean Spicer Mocks CNN’s Jim Acosta For Saying He’s ‘Kind of Useless’: ‘It’s Sad’

With White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer holding fewer on-camera press briefings in recent weeks, CNN’s Jim Acosta went off on Spicer and the White House press shop, calling the press secretary “kind of useless” while wondering aloud why are they even having briefings and gaggles in the first place.

In an interview with Fox News’ Howard Kurtz that aired today on MediaBuzz, Spicer took some shots at Acosta and other reporters for complaining about the lack of briefings aired on television. After defending the press shop’s practices revolving around briefings and gaggles, the spokesperson addressed Acosta’s criticisms.

“It’s sad that he believes if it doesn’t occur on TV — I think some of these reporters are more interested in their YouTube clips than they are in getting factual news,” Spicer noted

He continued, “You look at the number of questions asked over and over again just so the reporter can get a clip of themselves saying something or yelling at someone.”

Spicer stated that it gets “repetitive” so it is good to have a “mix” of on-camera briefings with off-camera gaggles.

“To suggest that if it’s not on television is somewhat nonsensical,” he told Kurtz. “We engage with the press corps very robustly from early in the morning to late at night. The briefing is one small part of what this staff does.”

Watch the interview above, via Fox News.

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