Sean Spicer Refuses to Elaborate on Trump’s Comey ‘Tapes’ Tweet: ‘I Have Answered the Question’

Press Secretary Sean Spicer had a tense exchange with Hallie Jackson on Monday, after the NBC reporter asked him to clarify President Trump‘s recent tweet about how he has “tapes” of his conversations to James Comey.

After firing the FBI director last week, Trump sent out an ominous message which implied that his conversations with Comey were recorded, and that Comey “better hope” they never find their way to the media. Trump and his staffers have refused to explain those remarks, and they became part of the political cloud that has overshadowed the White House ever since Comey was fired as FBI Director.

Spicer dodged further question about this today, though Jackson pressed him by asking “why won’t you explain whether or not there are recordings?” When Spicer passed again, Jackson went on to ask how is anyone supposed to feel comfortable having a conversation with the president when they don’t know whether or not they are being bugged.

“I have answered the question over and over again the same,” Spicer said, declining to explain any further.

Jackson went on to grill Spicer over Trump’s travel-restricting executive orders, particularly due to the challenges they face today in court due to Trump’s past “Muslim ban” rhetoric.

Watch above, via CNN.

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