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Sean Spicer Says DNC Banning Fox Could be Good for GOP: They Cut ‘Their Nose Off to Spite Themselves’

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer told Fox Business on Friday that from a “selfish” standpoint, the Democratic National Committee banning Fox News from primary debates is a good thing. He add it is, overall, shortsighted.

“There are two sides to this. One is on a very selfish standpoint. I’m glad the Democrats are not doing this with Fox. Because Fox offers them much bigger audience than any of the platforms that they’re going to,” Spicer explained. ‘They are very active viewers that you have. I think it’s…from a Republican standpoint, purely selfishly I think it’s good. They’re cutting their nose off to spite themselves.”

“But if you’re looking at it objectively it is really shortsighted and stupid. Fox offers them opportunity to broaden their message. They’re going to have to compete in a general election much more than the base they’re catering to with the other two networks that they’re focused on right now,” he added.

Spicer pointed to states like Pennsylvania , Michigan, and Wisconsin that normally go to Democrats but instead went to Trump in 2016.

“Those are all states that you can’t play a single strategy with,” he said. “They can’t just say we’ll cater to the base and expect to win a general election.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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