Seaworld Critic Apologizes for Video of Him Using the N-Word: ‘It Is Indefensible’

After Seaworld leaked a video of one of its critics drunk and using the n-word repeatedly, John Hargrove, a former trainer-turned-author, went onto CNN tonight to apologize.

“It is indefensible. I mean, it hurt to watch it, because it’s a word that hurts a lot of people,” he told Brooke Baldwin. Though he explained that he was extremely drunk and was getting a woman to recount a story, Hargrove, an outspoken critic of the marine park’s practices and the author of Beneath the Surface: Killer Whales, SeaWorld, and the Truth Beyond Blackfish, said that he completely regretted his actions.

“That five-minute snapshot of me, completely intoxicated, using horrible judgement, from five years ago, does not represent who I am today, or take away from my experience or what I achieved at Seaworld, or what I’m trying to educate people about, what really happens with these whales.”

In a statement, Seaworld told CNN that they found his behavior “reprehensible.”

Watch below via CNN:

Watch the full video below:

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