Seb Gorka Goes Off On Media to Lou Dobbs: ‘Toilet-Mouthed Individuals’


Did you think former White House staffer Sebastian Gorka was going to let the latest controversy swirling around President Donald Trump slide by without commenting on it? The newly-minted Fox News analyst had some words on the whole “shithole countries” debate, delivered with Gorkian flair.

He appeared with Lou Dobbs tonight and not only summarily dismissed that Trump made those comments, essentially calling Sen. Dick Durbin a liar, but he also accused the media of hypocrisy because, well, they have used foul language before. Yeah. That was his argument.

“The false prudery of the left-leaning media, what they say off-camera about the president, these people are toilet-mouthed individuals,” he said. “The idea that now they are going to use this against the president when, in fact, it looks as if it never actually happened.”

He added, “It’s just about attacking a man who they still don’t understand.”

Gorka also suggested that most Americans understand that “some countries are hellholes,” thus agreeing with the president on all conceivable accounts, whether the quote was said or not.

He went on to call the Russia investigation “the left’s Pizzagate,” calling it an “absurd farce.”

“Who’s in trouble with regards to Russia? It’s Hillary and its also the Obama administration,” he said. “Now we are going find out, thanks to brave people like Devin Nunes, who actually gave the order to target Americans on the Trump campaign.”

“We’ve had some big scandals in American history, like the assassination of JFK, but this scandal is going to be one of the biggest,” Gorka concluded.

Good to have you back, buddy!

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