See ‘Affluenza’ Teen and Mom on Mexican Surveillance Right Before Arrest


New details have come in surrounding the arrest of Ethan Couch, the so-called ‘affluenza’ teenager who violated his probation and became the subject if a national manhunt alongside his mother, Tonya.

Two days before being arrested in the Mexican rest town of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the Couchs were caught on the surveillance video at a local shop as they enjoyed life on the lam. The teenager tried to disguise his appearance with hair dye, but both fugitives were filmed on multiple occasions as they bought food from a butcher.

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In addition to the video, a report from the Mexican authorities said that the two were tracked to their condo after one of their cell phones was traced when they called to order a pizza from Dominos. While the two of them left the building before the authorities arrived, agents were tipped to their new home by a tourism operator, and they were arrested without resistance two hours later.

Couch has earned condemnation ever since 2013, when he killed four people in a drunk driving accident, and his parents’ defense team successfully got him a light sentence after arguing that he was too rich and spoiled to know right from wrong. When he was filmed violating his probation by playing beer pong, Couch and his mother fled their town and police launched a manhunt to find and bring them to justice.

Both Couches were expected to be extradited back to the U.S., but a report from NBC say that their attorneys have filed papers in an attempt to resist their being brought back. The Couches have been granted their stay, and their deportation will be held off for at least three days.

Watch the surveillance video in the report above, via ABC.

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