See No Evil! Beck Rips Apart Obama’s Scandal Ignorance: Either Lying or ‘There’s Been a Coup’

“Has there been a coup?!” This was the burning question Glenn Beck had on Tuesday for the White House because, as he saw it, for President Obama to be so out of the loop on so many of the scandals plaguing his administration, he’s “either lying, or there’s been a coup.”

Beck went off on Obama, saying, “Could you please point us to the people who are actually running this country, because the president doesn’t seem to know anybody, he doesn’t seem to know anything that’s happening!”

He said Obama is so “woefully misinformed and negligent in his job” that even MSNBC has been willing to call him out for his lack of knowledge about all the scandals his administration has been involved in.

Beck got fired up and said if Obama was really serious, he’d make a big speech, point fingers at others, and say, “They’ve destroyed American health care because they lied to me!”

He concluded, “Which person wouldn’t be so deeply sorry and so deeply offended that he had people around him that didn’t stop him from lying to you?!”

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

[photo via screengrab]

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