Sen. Barbara Boxer Quotes Jon Stewart While Bashing Republicans On MSNBC

Sen. Barbara Boxer Quotes Jon Stewart While Bashing Republicans

Appearing on MSNBC’s PoliitcsNation, California Senator Barbara Boxer quoted a Jon Stewart sketch on last night’s Daily Show to slam Republican opposition to mandating religious employers to offer contraception coverage in their health insurance plans. “Jon Stewart, last night, of course, in his amazing way, uses humor and says, well, guess I would have a great time ’cause I believe that laughter is the cure of everything!” Boxer exclaimed.

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Senator Boxer went on to say:

“And laughter is the best medicine. So, I said today at a press conference, I followed Jon Stewart: ‘if I believe laughter is the best medicine then if my employee gets sick, I will tell him a joke!’ I mean, this thing is so over the top, Reverend Al. They have lost their way!”

On last night’s Daily Show, Stewart criticized Republicans for advocating for a provision that would allow faith-based groups to opt-out of the contraceptive mandate if it violated their religious beliefs. “I am an employer,” Stewart cracked. “And I personally believe in the healing power of comedy,” spraying a writer who had the flu with a pressurized canister of water.

Watch the segment below via MSNBC:

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