Sen. Blumenthal Says We’re in ‘Watergate Moment’: Congress Needs to Protect Special Counsel From Trump ‘Firestorm’


In light of Michael Cohen taking a plea deal and Paul Manafort getting convicted, Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal of (D-CT) is pushing for Congress “to protect the special counsel” from a potential “firestorm” by President Donald Trump.

“Here’s what I believe is most important, Wolf, on this day, the Congress of the United States has to protect the special counsel,” Blumenthal said while appearing on CNN with Wolf Blitzer tonight. “We’re likely to see a firestorm of resistance from the president of the United States and the Congress of the United States itself has to investigate through the Judiciary Committee of the Senate.”

The senator continued by saying that even with all the other duties Congress has to deal with right now, they still “need to begin” forming some sort of protection for Robert Mueller and his team against a backlash from Trump.

“I think the beginning has to be set and marked right now,” Blumenthal said. “We’re in a Watergate moment, where the two parties have to come together. We need bipartisanship now more than ever to protect the special counsel and to stop, and I must underscore, stop any consideration of pardons.”

The Democratic lawmaker then added that while Trump “has the power to pardon Paul Manafort,”  he would be signaling to everyone that “I am guilty.”

“He would so undermine the credibility of his office that it would be a disaster for the nation,” Blumenthal concluded. “And it would very possibly be an obstruction of justice, because he would be misusing that power to protect himself as a target of that investigation.”

Blumenthal’s comments come on the same day that Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen pled guilty to numerous financial crimes, while also admitting that the president himself directed the hush money give to his alleged mistresses to keep them silent just before the 2016 election — which could mean that Trump violated campaign finance laws.

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