Sen. Chuck Schumer On Debt Negotiations: Republicans Have ‘Walked Out On Everything’

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer appeared on Morning Joe to discuss how difficult the budget talks with Republicans have been since they keep “walking out” when things don’t go their way. Joe Scarborough suggested President Obama isn’t without blame either since he waited so long to get involved, yet Schumer responded that now Obama is anxious to make a big deal while the Republicans keep talking in circles.

Schumer vented his frustration with Republicans:

“They’ve walked out on everything. They walked out . . . on the Simpson-Bowles [Debt Commission]. They walked out on the Group of Six. They walked out on the [Vice President Joe] Biden talks. And they just walked out on the President’s grand deal. I mean, this idea that ‘oh both sides are to blame?’ The President put on the table some terribly painful things. Democrats didn’t walk out.”

Conservative columnist Peggy Noonan also was a guest and asked Schumer whether the August 2nd debt ceiling deadline is truly the day after which cataclysm would occur? Schumer compared it to a house being drenched in kerosene, and every day after August 2nd a new match is thrown at the house so that you’ll never know which day the explosion might occur. Yet despite the extreme rhetoric on both sides (maybe here included), Schumer is confident the country will avoid a default because at least up until yesterday, he thought conversations with Speaker John Boehner were progressing “quite good.”

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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