Sen. Claire McCaskill On Criticism And Speculation Over Not Attending DNC: ‘It’s Just Stupid’

Missouri’s Senator Claire McCaskill visited Morning Joe Wednesday, where she was asked about her much-discussed decision not to attend this year’s Democratic National Convention.

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“It’s just stupid,” she said of talk that she’s not attending because she doesn’t want to be associated with President Obama right now, noting that she’s never attended the convention when she’s had a contested race. “I think you’ve got to say to people at home, ‘Which is more important? Going to a place with a bunch of party honchos having cocktail parties? Or being at home, talking to them?'”

She then said that if she had indeed attended the convention, GOP operatives would be trying to make it seem as if she doesn’t care about her home state.

Daily Rundown host Chuck Todd also noted that more and more people on both sides are electing not to attend these conventions because they’re getting pushed further back, although they’re still good places to raise campaign funds.

Have a look, courtesy of MSNBC:

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