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Sen. Durbin Mocks Rand Paul, GOP: ‘Look What We Have to Work With’

On Face the Nation Sunday morning, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) immediately rebutted Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) suggestion to set up a conference committee to negotiate differences between the House and Senate continuing resolutions, reminding host Bob Schieffer that Senate Republicans had been blocking a conference committee on the budget for six months.

“Conference committees are the normal course of action,” Durbin said. “We have been trying for more than six months to get the Senate Republicans to agree to a conference committee on the budget. They refuse a conference committee, when it comes to our budget. When it comes to healthcare reform, there should be an orderly process.”

“But look what we have to work with on the other side,” Durbin said. “Almost forty-five times now the House Republicans have voted to abolish ObamaCare, not to change it, not to come up with any specific change. The closest they have come is with this medical device tax. But if there’s to be a constructive conversation about the future of healthcare reform, it’s going forward; I fully support that. But let’s sit down in a bipartisan and calm way—not with the prospect of shutting down the government or shutting down the economy.”

Watch the full clip below, via CBS News:

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