Sen. Grassley Snarks at the History Channel: ‘UNBELIEVABLE…There is Real History On’

Sen. Chuck Grassley had some thoughts about the History Channel and its programming Saturday afternoon.

“From Land of the UNBELIEVABLE THE BELIEVABLE,” Grassley snarked on Twitter. “Hurry there is real History on the Channel.”

It is unclear what the Senator dubbed “real history” but on Saturday, the channel ran back-to-back episodes of The Men Who Built America: Frontiersmen featuring stories of Davy Crockett, Tecumseh and Andrew Jackson.

Grassley has also offered previous Twitter clues about what he does not consider history at all.

Last year, Grassley made it clear Swamp People is not real history, or at least in his view.

His gripe is also long-running since back in 2012, Grassley tweeted this: “Ocassionally I turn to History channel hope to c history. Whenevr will the history channel hv a real old fashion histry.”

Prior to his History Channel snark, Grassley also took a jab at Democrats who he insisted needed more “patience.”

Neither the Democrats nor the History Channel has responded to Grassley’s tweets.

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