Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s Brother to MSNBC: You Need More Pundits from the Middle of the Country


Sen. Heidi Heitkamp‘s brother Joel appeared on MSNBC on Thursday to talk about his sister’s decision to vote ‘no’ on the Brett Kavanaugh nomination.

Joel Heitkamp is a syndicated radio host broadcasting out of North Dakota.

He was asked by MSNNC’s Ari Melber about what moved his sister to vote ‘no.’

Joel responded: “I don’t know that she was moved, other than her gut. I mean, she sat there and she saw the testimony. And I don’t speak for Heidi. She speaks pretty doggone well for herself. But I will tell you this. I know that she believes her. She just said that she believes her. So she saw the testimony and after that, I’m sure it was over.”

Melber then asked how his sister’s decision was playing back at home in a red state.

Joel replied that he thinks people will look at it and see the guts it took and it will ultimately help her.

“Really what’s happening, Ari, is a situation where you’ve got people here that are honest with themselves,” he said. “And my guess is, because of the calls I had in my office, this is going to be appreciated. And it’s going to be considered as something that when people look at it, they can say, you know what, that took guts.”

Melber then asked the North Dakota radio host about the movie Fargo, an attempt to end the interview on a lighter note.

Joel replied, “Yeah, the movie Fargo is fine, but everybody brings it up. With all due respect, Ari, I’m a fan of your network, but you guys don’t have pundits from the middle of this country… People need to look at what happens in the middle of this country and then maybe they’d connect with what happens politically.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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