Sen. Jim DeMint On Debt Ceiling: ‘We Don’t Need To Panic And Rush Into A Deal’

Republican Senator Jim DeMint appeared on The Today Show and agreed with Minority Leader Mitch McConnell that President Obama needs to be a one-term President, however he disagreed regarding whether we even have to raise the debt ceiling at all. According to DeMint, we shouldn’t listen to warnings from the Treasury Secretary about the dangers of not raising the debt ceiling because in reality “we don’t need to panic.”

DeMint argued that the government has enough assets and enough money in trust accounts to pay benefits on entitlements, so that even if the debt ceiling is not raised, a default would not immediately occur. DeMint explains:

“It’s not ideal, but we don’t need to panic and rush into a deal. And the President has actually been burning the clock with these secret negotiations pushing us up against a deadline so he can create this panic.”

And since DeMint says “last year’s election was about getting control of our debt” his belief is that Obama only gets an increase in the debt limit if Republicans get their desired spending cuts. Summing up, even though he freely admits that he doesn’t see a President when he looks at himself in the mirror, he is determined to help the eventual Republican candidate win since “what this President is doing: growing the government, expanding the debt – we cannot take another four years.”

Watch the clip from NBC below:

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